Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doordarshan TV Serial Featuring a Song - Heart Of Stone.....

Almost 15+ years ago.. Doordarshan aired an International Series on sophisticated Computer Hacking.. and it had this amazing song "Heart Of Stone".. I googled it and couldn't find any valuable reference to it.. There are some fans like me who are out there searching for it.. Found couple of posts searching for the same song.. below are some of them.. no credible source that can point to either the song or the series... I hope someone will find this post and actually help us fans out..

Molon-Labey's Blogspot Entry

My Search Finally has ended.. Thanks to Manish Gupta (link). He has been able to find the Singer, the serial and a preview mp3.

Domain - Hearts of stone

The MP3 preview of it is HERE.

Thanks Google, IMDB, Tradebits and Manish... :-)


  1. I just remembered this song, when I was in school, I had taped the full song from TV, and Im sure it is still back home in Bangalore intact.

  2. Can you please upload on Youtube and send me the link. I'll posy a link on my blog.. Thanks for leaving a comment..

  3. Hey buddy.. it's great to see some people like me actually remember the song...are looking for it.
    Domain - Heart of stone

    series caleld "Der Bastard" telecasted on DD titled "A story of crime".

  4. Hello, I am happy to remember those days. What a music and charming sound of music. There were no digital gizmos,and present day headache. The Germans are always producing good telephone crime serials,and music I am big fan of this serial. It still echo in ears. Tony dude.