Friday, December 3, 2010

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Change iPhone/iPod iTunes Backup Directory from default C Drive

If you have portable external storage (1TB) or plus, why would you waste precious C (OS Partition) space with backups etc. Apple thinks that we shouldn't be allowed to change the backup directory.. Dunno why?? if you can change the directory where all music etc is stored, why not the backups.. There is a quick and easy way to do this though. Esp with Win Vista, Win 7. All you need to do is create a SYMLINK for the backup directory using standard MS utility "MKLINK". Below are the steps.
  1. Make sure iTunes us not running.
  2. You will need ADMINISTRATOR access to your computer. Open START and in the search type CMD. Right Click on the CMD.EXE and click "Run as administrator"
  3. You will see the command prompt pop up. Change the directory to the iTunes Backup Directory which on WINDOWS 7 is "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync"
  4. Cut the entire backup directory and paste it on your portable external drive. Say "H:\iPhone\backup". Make sure that there are no spaces etc in the new directory name on the portable drive.
  5. After the cut/paste is complete, in the Command Prompt Window, type the following command "mklink /D backup H:\iPhone\backup"
  6. This will create a symlink called backup in the iTunes backup directory pointing to your portable drive directory.
  7. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPod Touch and perform a backup. All the data will be stored on the portable drive from now on. You can still click on the backup SYMLINK created on your C drive to access the backup.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vodafone/Airtel India Free iPhone Tethering & Internet access

Well i had to figure this one out cauz it was giving be a lot of grief. It was easy but i somehow didn't put 2 n 2 together for couple days. I think it should work on all cell operators which let you access internet via the phone. I am using it on the iPhone with a Vodafone Sim. Earlier there used to be a hack which will let you access the internet free of cost but i think both vodafone & airtel have patched those holes. Vodafone India offers a 2 GB plan for ₹ 95. If you have an unlocked phone you must have TetherMe from CYDIA or MyWi. Also if the APN Editing is enabled you can directly enter the settings below our use the iPhoneConfiguration utility to create a ".mobileconfig" file with the APN settings and connect your iPhone and install the mobileconfig profile. The settings are below. Now all you need to do is to enable tethering on iPhone and connect it to your PC. After connecting go to the proxy settings of your browser on your computer and enter the following in the proxy address & port

Proxy Address -
Port - 9401

The only catch though is that you will only be able to access WEB. VPN, IMAP, POP etc i.e. anything other than Web might have a problem because its blocked by Vodafone/Airtel unless you subscribe to the VMC i.e VM Connect for all that and for that you will have to pay extra which is rediculous.. However i must say that if you have a SSL VPN system like CISCO AnyConnect, that will work with this setup. Also all other protocols will work once you are into VPN. You will have to change the Proxy to your work proxy for everything else to work once in VPN.

Below is the XML generated by iPhoneConfiguration utility as a .mobileconfig. You can copy paste the XML and rename the file to a .mobileconfig and install on your iPhone as well.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Provides customization of carrier Access Point Name.</string>
<string>Advanced Settings</string>
<string>Vodafone India APN</string>
<string>Vodafone IN</string>

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on all iDevices using GeoHot's BootRom Exploit LimeRa1n !

GeoHot has caused quite a stir among the JB community by releasing his pwn4life exploit which JBs all iDevices to date. He released it well before Chronic Dev-team could release Shatter exploit which would only JB iPhone4. Still the unlock is not available but hopefully someone is working on the next release of UltraSn0w which will unlock the 4.1 bootrom and the new baseband 05.14.02. Users candownload LimeRa1n from the following website which is the untethered version due to some amazing work by Comex the guru of userland JB (the infamous

LimeRa1n by GeoHot & Comex

GeoHot has registered another domain which is prompting rumors about a possible unlock solution for all iPhones. Its codenamed LimeSn0w

Monday, August 2, 2010

Enable Multitasking & Wallpaper on iPod Touch 2G & iPhone 3G with iOS4 !!

With iOS UserLand JB out and all thanks to COMEX & Dev Team, you can now manually modify plist file to enable MultiTasking & WallPaper on iPod Touch 2G & iPhone 3G.

Links for JB are below

Comex JailBreakMe
ModMyI Mirror Link

Now all you need is iPhoneBrowser and go to the following directory


Save the N72AP.plist on your computer. Download PList File Editor free from iPodRobot website

PList File Editor

Install PList File Editor and open the
N72AP.plist file and add the following key/value pairs

For Multitasking Add the following


For Wallpaper Add the following


Save the changes to the .plist file and upload it on the iPod Touch or iPhone via iPhoneBrowser in the same directory i.e. "/System/Library/CoreService/"

Restart iPhone/iPod Touch and you will have both feature.

To Check the WallPaper navigate to Settings > Wallpaper and you will get an option of setting the wallpaper for homescreen & lock screen

To Check Multi Tasking, double press the HOME Button and it will show all the apps which are currently in background. You can click each app (press & hold HOME) and it will let you kill that app. By default and app that is closed goes into background.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Restore Selectively to iPhone instead of a Backup Restore using iTunes

Most of the times when you restore, you may not want to restore to a backup which may have had apps, and other junk which you don't want. All you want is selective stuff like Address Bood, SMS, Book Marks etc. Well Apple gave you no way to achieve this. Either you get everything or nothing. This is a big nuisance when you don't want everything esp any app that caused your phone to crash or not boot at all. Well now there is a way. Follow the steps below and you will be all set.. All of the steps below require the iPhone/iPod Touch to be JB.
  1. Download iPhoneBackupExtractor from This Link. You can either buy this software of use the trial version which will let you extract certain files manually. Just google for a Full version if you can't live with the trial version.
  2. This software will identify all the backups you have from iTunes and will let you selectively open a specific backup and extract certain files like AddressBook.sqlitedb & AddressBookImages.sqlitedb or sms.db.
  3. This software will save these files on your computer
  4. Now open iPhoneBrowser. You can download it from This Link
  5. For AddressBook go to /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook and copy the addressbook files saved using iPhoneBackupExtractor. For SMS go to /var/mobile/Library/SMS and copy the SMS files saved using iPhoneBackupExtractor.
  6. Sometimes you might have an issue syncing contacts using iTunes and Google Contacts, use OPENSSH in iPhone using CYDIA, get the iPhone/iPod Touch on WiFi and SSH into the phone using PUTTY from your computer and do a CHMOD 0777 on the addressbook files.
Hope this helps

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oracle Forms Display Issue with Laptop on Battery..

This turned out to be a simple fix. Everytime i used to unplug the power from my laptop, oracle applications (11i, R12) both used to act abnormally. if you clicked on a Form or a menu or Function, the refresh was not correct. It was as if you didn't even perform the action. If you did an ALT-TAB and switch back and forth from another application to Oracle Apps, it would then refresh. I struggled and thought may be it was something to do with the Power Settings etc.. But no, it just turned out to be the Refresh Rate of the monitor/laptop screen. Just make it to 60Hz and you will be all set without any issues.

VISTA/Windows 7

Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution

Click on Advanced Settings > Monitor

Change the Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hz instead of default 40 Hz.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Record Live Streams & Radio on iPhone/iPod Touch !!

Another useful tool for a heavily protected OS. If you want to record live streams, radio or any stream or even podcast on iPhone, you can now do that using Pocket Tunes. Pocket Tunes now comes bundled with all codecs for almost all formats for all streams. You can add your custom URLs even if the standard search doesn't find the URL or radio station you are looking for. For you to download the recording (which is saved as a .AAC file) you obviously need to jailbreak and just use iPhoneBrowser and navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/Documents/PtRecordings. Below are the links to PocketTunes & iPhoneBrowser.

On a side note PocketTunes has this new AACPlus codec which i have still not managed to get because the link via the app to itunes is broken or maybe iTunes is no longer carrying the codec. if anyone finds it please let me/us know..

PocketTunes iPhone APP


Saturday, May 15, 2010

AT&T Tethering finally working on iPhone 3GS 3.1.3 Latest Bootrom..

As usual this was another one which took forever to find. After the Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3 was out, everyone started searching for the tethering options. The SinFull "Enable Tethering" via Cydia didn't work anymore since they were compatible only with 3.1.2. The only option was to go via MyWi App available on CYDIA. The new feature on MyWi is to enable tether via WiFi as well as USB. Now MyWi also has an option called "Auto Fix Tethering". Try that and it will bring back the Tether Option under Settings > General > Network and will enable it by default. Now you don't even have to start MyWi to have tethering. You can download MyWi from Sinfuliphone Repo after adding it to CYDIA.

Sinfuliphone Repo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Best Free Media Converter - Any Format to Any Format of Audio, Video & Images

Stumbled across yet another great find. I have always struggled to convert media from one format to another. There are professional paid softwares out there which can do this but none of them do everything in one. Also most of them are a big resource CPU, MEMORY, IO hog. I found this Free Software called FormatFactory and its just amazing. It will let you convert from any media file format to any one you desire. Its especially great if you have mobile devices that play certain formats or if you don't have all the codecs on your computer, this piece of software can be of great help. Check it out and post your reviews of what you think.

Format Factory Download Link

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Download iPhone Visual Voicemail to computer

I think Lifehacker had a post about the same but for those who didn't find it, i am just posting it. You need to jaibreak your iPhone and then download iPhoneBrowser and go to the following Directory "/private/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail". Copy the .AMR files to your computer and you are all set...

Monday, February 15, 2010

MS Exchange Calendar on Thunderbird with Lightning

Finally figured out how to integrate the Microsoft Exchange Calendar with Thunderbird using the Lightning Add-on. There is no clean way to do this but whatever i am going to mention below at least works and lets you treat the Exchange Calendar as a CalDAV Server, so you can very well imagine what all you can do with it.
  1. Download DAVMail Gateway from this LINK. DAVMail is a sourceforge project which basically uses the OWA to get all the data you need i.e. Mail (SMTP/POP), LDAP and most important, the proprietary Calendar Data
  2. Install DAVMail and what it will do is basically install a server on your computer which will interact with the Exchange Server and manage creation of new events, accept events and the whole 9 yards.
  3. All you need to do is provide the OWA (Outlook Web Access) URL to the settings page and it will ask you for outlook Username & password.
  4. Here is a Link from the Wiki page on DAVMail for Step by Step guidance for Thundebird Setups.

Just found out a great add-on for Lightning & Thunderbird called "Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar & Tasks Provider"

The Link is below

The setup is pretty straight forward. Follow the screenshots on the page and you are all set. Just make sure that the URL you use is "https:///ews/exchange.asmx" and provide the user id and password and you are all set.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How To Play StreamTheWorld Radio Streams on SONOS, Windows Media Player or any media Player

Guys this was a tricky one and took a lot of time to figure out. I'm on Windows 7 and use a widget call MiniRadio. Its a nice add-on where you can configure all your online streams in a playlist fashion. Almost a month ago, some of the streams which were either .wmp or .asx or .m3u stopped playing. Finally figured out that the radio stations migrated to this new "StreamTheWorld" service. This messed up everything for a lot of stations because you cannot play them on any media player because first of all, the streams are all encrypted in the Flash Player which is proprietary stuff by stream the world. So now you can't get the direct http address of the stream which you can just try in WMP or VLC or as a matter of fact any media player. Also it affects all players like SONOS who reply on the HTTP URL. So for n00bies the flash URL looks something like below..

This is for City 101.6 Fm Streaming out of Dubai..Good channel and i hated to let it go and me having to open the flash player to listen to it..

For them to play you will have to download some unique useless flash media players or directly stream from radiotime or stations website as another browser popup. It was a nuance and thought that there should be some way to find out the actual url of the stream. I tried several URL snooping, flash downloading tools but nothing worked.

Then while i was playing around with WunderRadio app on iPhone, i saw that most of these streams allowed "play in background" feature on WunderRadio. Now what that does is, it opens up the stream in Safari and its an HTML page since iPhone doesn't support Flash.. Good for us right.. yeah at-least in this scenario :-).. Now what i did was i copied the URL WunderRadio opened in Safari sent myself and email so that i can open the URL in FireFox on my Laptop.

The URL looks like this

This link is for Radio City 101.6 streaming out of Dubai. For other Streams, all you need to do is find the last numbers in the URL (which in my case are 96716) for your stream and do as below.

There is now an easier way to get the RT Number for the station by just using FIREFOX.

Based on Rich's comment, i went ahead and looked up the station on RADIOTIME's website

RadioTime Website

Hover your mouse over the URL of the station and below in FIREFOX you will see something like

The number following s_ is the RT Number. Use that number and replace it in the following URL and you guys can get the URL yourself without asking me for it :-)
  1. Now when you open the link on firefox, you will get an alert to install missing plugin. FireFox cannot find the plugin so don't worry.
  2. All you do is Right Click on the page and click "View Page Info". Go to the "Media" tab and you will find and ADDRESS of type "EMBED".
  3. PS: Since radiotime is now owned by TuneIn, get the the stream URL from TuneIn, view page source using firefox, and search for "TuneIn.payload =". You will find "". Copy the entire string in firefox and you will get a page with the MP3 URL. Search for "MP3","URL", and the HTTP URL next to it will be the URL you can use for streaming using your favorite media player.
  4. Click on the Address and below you will see the Location which you can copy.
  5. Copy the URL and again paste it in FireFox. It will look like this ""
  6. When you open the above URL, Firefox will ask you to save the file "m3umaker.m3u". Save it on your desktop and open it in Notepad. You will see the HTTP or whatever protocol for the stream.
  7. For the Radio City 101.6 Streaming out of Dubai the URLs are below..
  9. Now the next challenge is how to play encrypted ACC on Media Player or on Windows. These streams will play fine using iTunes but for me it was more about how to get this working with my MiniRadio gadget which is an extension of the Windows Media Player.
  10. Figured out that there is a plugin for Windows Media Player to play these kind of streams. Its a free plugin by a company called ORBAN which you can download here "".
  11. If you can't find the plugin anymore, download it from my rapidshare link below
  12. ORBAN RapidShare Link
  13. Download the essential codec pack from "" followed by the ORBAN plugin and you will be able to play the AAC and AAC PLUS streams directly in Windows Media Player..
  14. Now For Windows Media Player to play the AAC & AAC+ streams using the Orban Plugin, you will need to change the protocol from HTTP to ICYX.. So for the HTTP URLs above, the Windows Media Player link would be something like this "icyx://"
So finally i have my MiniRadio gadget playing the AAC and AAC+ streams which StreamTheWorld stations are playing.. I hope this will be helpful for people who are searching for the same. This is a big deal for people who own players like SONOS etc which need a HTTP url because they can't play flash. Let me know if anyone has any issues and i'll see if i can help out with the URL stream... Cheers and happy listening..

PS : Note to all users who have followed the steps above and the .m3u file from RadioTime's website says "Stream Not Supported". This means that StreamTheWorld or the Radio Station has blocked the access. I'll continue to find another way, till then you will have to use the flash based player for all those streams.

The new way to play the non supported streams is mentioned below

  1. Download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from the following link "K-Lite Mega Codec Pack"
  2. This codec will install a FLV/SWF/Flash Player plugin for the Windows Media Player.
  3. Now Go to the Radio Time Website and find the radio station you want to listen to
  4. Click on the LISTEN link. You can also go the the station website and do the same.
  5. Make sure you are doing this in FIREFOX.
  6. Also make sure you have No-SCRIPT plugin installed and is set to block flash streams
  7. Now when you click on the LISTEN link, a new window pops up with blocked SWF/FLV player.
  8. Right Click on the FLASH/SWF blocked link and click "Copy Link Location". This will copy the swf/flv/flash URL
  9. No go to Windows Media player of your favourite Windows 7, Windows Vista Gadget and press CTRL+U to play a URL and paste the URL. The Stream will play seamlessly without any issues. You can try the same for all other streams as well.
For users requesting the stream for Radio Asia 1269 AM, the URL is mentioned below

PS : A new comment by ViRuS has given some excellent information on how to still get the PLS file when the none of the methods described above work.
  1. Get the Call Sign for the Stream. For City 101.6 Fm Dubai, its ARNCITY.
  2. Use the following URL and replace the call sign after pls/. So the final URl will look like
  3. Open it in Firefox and it will ask you to download the ARNCITY.pls to your computer.
  4. Download the file and open it in notepad and you will have the actual stream URLs. use anyone in windows media player or any media player and you are all set..
Cheers to ViRuS for finding this out.

Another anonymouse reader has posted about a freeware tool on source forge. Please give it a try and see if it helps.

Happy Streaming & Listening guys..