Thursday, July 8, 2010

Restore Selectively to iPhone instead of a Backup Restore using iTunes

Most of the times when you restore, you may not want to restore to a backup which may have had apps, and other junk which you don't want. All you want is selective stuff like Address Bood, SMS, Book Marks etc. Well Apple gave you no way to achieve this. Either you get everything or nothing. This is a big nuisance when you don't want everything esp any app that caused your phone to crash or not boot at all. Well now there is a way. Follow the steps below and you will be all set.. All of the steps below require the iPhone/iPod Touch to be JB.
  1. Download iPhoneBackupExtractor from This Link. You can either buy this software of use the trial version which will let you extract certain files manually. Just google for a Full version if you can't live with the trial version.
  2. This software will identify all the backups you have from iTunes and will let you selectively open a specific backup and extract certain files like AddressBook.sqlitedb & AddressBookImages.sqlitedb or sms.db.
  3. This software will save these files on your computer
  4. Now open iPhoneBrowser. You can download it from This Link
  5. For AddressBook go to /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook and copy the addressbook files saved using iPhoneBackupExtractor. For SMS go to /var/mobile/Library/SMS and copy the SMS files saved using iPhoneBackupExtractor.
  6. Sometimes you might have an issue syncing contacts using iTunes and Google Contacts, use OPENSSH in iPhone using CYDIA, get the iPhone/iPod Touch on WiFi and SSH into the phone using PUTTY from your computer and do a CHMOD 0777 on the addressbook files.
Hope this helps

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