Monday, October 11, 2010

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on all iDevices using GeoHot's BootRom Exploit LimeRa1n !

GeoHot has caused quite a stir among the JB community by releasing his pwn4life exploit which JBs all iDevices to date. He released it well before Chronic Dev-team could release Shatter exploit which would only JB iPhone4. Still the unlock is not available but hopefully someone is working on the next release of UltraSn0w which will unlock the 4.1 bootrom and the new baseband 05.14.02. Users candownload LimeRa1n from the following website which is the untethered version due to some amazing work by Comex the guru of userland JB (the infamous

LimeRa1n by GeoHot & Comex

GeoHot has registered another domain which is prompting rumors about a possible unlock solution for all iPhones. Its codenamed LimeSn0w

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