Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Samsung Smart TVs/Blu Ray Players don't work with HotSpots (ATT MiFi)??

Struggling with getting the Samsung Smart TV/Blu Ray Player to work with AT&T MiFi/Novotel MiFi 5792. Seems like Samsung has some way of identifying that the WiFi signal is via a MiFi hotspot.. I didn't think so but samsung support confirmed that it doesn't support MiFi. On the other hand you can create a hotspot on your mobile phone and it works fine. What could be different?? Still trying to figure it out so if anyone has any luck with it, i would really appreciate any tips or tricks. I have tried setting up a WiFi share on a Mac as well as Windows and that seems to work but just not the actual MiFi broadcasted WiFi signal.. Update: The latest update to MiFi 5792 enables Samsung TV's to use the data.:-)

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