Sunday, October 19, 2008

Subsidy Unlock Samsung Blackjack II

When you travel internationally its always better to get your cellphone unlocked so that if needed you can use the foreign SIM Card with your phone. It was a pain indeed to get the UNLOCK code from ATnT and since there are no calculators out there at least for SAMSUNG, that was the only way i had to get this done. Anyway long story short, i was finally able to get the unlock code and below are the steps to unlock it once you have the code.

ATnT will say to power off the phone and remove the SIM card. THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS, atleast with the new BlackJack II. If you remove the SIM Card there is no way for the system to UNLOCK itself. Either you enter another SIM card or keep the existing ATnT inside and follow the steps below.

1. Power off the Phone (Required if Using a different SIM)
2. Remove the SIM Card (Required if Using a different SIM)
3. Enter #7465625*638*
4. Enter Network Control Key (8 digits Unlock Code received from Cingular)
5. Press "OK" Softkey (not the Send or OK hard key i.e. the KEY Next to the HOME sign key)
6. Successfully unlock Network Status

Finally its unlocked.. Iust waiting for a differnt carrier SIM to check it out..


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  2. Sure thing Anand..Thanks for your comments.

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