Thursday, February 19, 2009

DVD-A (DVD Audio and not AUDIO DVD) creation without professional tools.

I thought i would share with you a fantastic free way of creating DVD-A from your digital audio files (mp3, wma etc). I have used it for past 3 years and i guess only people who own ACURA's know about it. Once of the Great Online Forums on Cars is ACURAZINE and ADOBEMAN did a fantastic job in creating a VC++ App using all the freeware tools available. Below is the link to the post.

DVD-A Creation using ADOBEMAN GUI Tool

Please go through this article and it will give you a lot of tips about DVD-A creation. I tried all the prefessional tools like CIRLINCA and other but none helped. Nothing can be as simple as converting all digital audio files to WAV files at 44000Hz and just burning them to a DVD-A ISO image. The free GUI tool from ADOBEMAN does the conversion as well, just make sure that your mp3 etc meet the req for conversion to correct WAV files for the image. Also when you install the Software, make sure that the Installation Folder and the TEMP folder are on seperate DRIVES else it will take forever to create the ISO. The first pass at ISO creation is fast but the next part is tricky since it actually rewrites the SECTOR read by all DVD-A players and bypasses the protection. The AUDIO Quality is excellent and you can burn almost 90 songs on One DVD. This is for people who don't have the MP3 players in there cars or at home and have DVD-A players.

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