Monday, July 13, 2009

Oracle 11i Applications Working on IE8, Firefox 3.5 & VISTA and Windows 7

This one is a biggie..It took me forever to fix this one and so many hit and trials that at one point i just gave up and used a remote desktop connection to a XP machine with IE6 and Firefox. What you need to do is below and please follow the exact steps for this to work. I got this to work on latest Firefox 3.5 and IE8 and that too on VISTA. It also works on the current Windows 7 RTM both Firefox and IE8. When you upgrade to Windows 7 from VISTA using the upgrade process, it migrates all programs etc so it worked for me on Windows 7 as well, no issues.
  1. Install JInitiator version "". I can give provide the executable if needed.
  2. Make sure that your Java Version is "1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_13-b05)". I have not tried the latest version. I can probably provide the oajse2.exe.
  3. In Firefox change the following Settings (Uncheck Enable Java)
  4. In IE8 Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> "Enable third-party browser extensions" (UNCHECK)
  5. Replace the JVM.DLL in "JInitiator\bin\hotspot" directory with the JVM.DLL in "Java\jre1.5.0_13\bin\client".
  6. Restart both Firefox and IE8.
  7. The 11i Apps work via the regular login as well as "dev60cgi/f60cgi" URL.
  8. I have uploaded both Java JRE and Jinitiator on Rapidshare. Below are the links
  9. One more thing to note. I was also able to work with both 11.5.10 and 12.1.1 with IE8. All you need is to install the latest oajse and make sure that under Security options, change the mode to CUSTOM and DISABLE "Enable XSS Filter" option.
Java JRE -
Jinitiator -


  1. I have not been able to make this work. I am using Windows 7 and IE8. I keep having issues with Unknown Publisher. Any suggestions?

  2. I exactly followed your steps with the versions you mentioned. It worked. Thank you very much

  3. thanks a lot.. it worked