Saturday, July 18, 2009

Utility To Get Instant GPS Coverage on Mobile Phone (Windows Mobile)

Well i found this utility "GPSTest.exe" on the Samsung Blackjack II and it makes all your GPS applications like Google Maps, Windows Live Search or Bing, Garmin Mobile XT, to instantly get a connection with the GPS satellites. So no more waiting while you are driving to get a signal. All you do is start this application on windows mobile device and do a Menu > Start and this utility will find the GPS Satellites, Lat/Long and couple other parameters. All this utility does is activate the GPS Receiver in the phone, instead of the application doing it and waiting. Now i get a GPS signal in less than 5 seconds on Google Maps, Bing or Garmin.

The Utility is under Windows folder and is called "GPSTest.exe". You can make a shortcut in your Start Menu so that its easily accessible. Once you do a Menu > Start, it will activate the GPS Receiver and once it finds the satellite, you can do Menu > Stop and start the applications you want.

To Actually improve the speed, you can also play with the Menu > Options > GPS settings and set the "Operating Type" to "Stand-alone". It worked on my Samsung Blackjack II. Try playing with other options "MS Based" or "Assisted"

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