Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adding sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for non standard websites (OfficeLive)

Well this is another oen of those good finds.. if you have an OfficeLive Website and haven't been able to regsiter yoru website on Google Webmaster, try my post below. Once your website is verified, the next step is to add the SiteMap to Google Webmaster. I am mentioning the Trick below.
  1. Using Office Live Site Designer creates a new page using "Site Map" template. Such as mysitemap.aspx.
  2. Go to , enter the url without www, Such as and Download un-compressed XML Sitemap.
  3. Save the file sitemap.xml. You can rename it as you want. Upload the sitemap.xml to Documents Gallery on OfficeLive.
  4. Add the sitemap xml file on Search Engine.

DON'T put www before your domain and remember to change last "/" to "%5C"

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