Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to delete Exchange Server (Outlook Mail) account on Windows Mobile

If you have created an Outlook Mail account on a windows mobile device and for whatever reason its not working for you and you just want to get rid of it, MS doesn't provide a clean way of deleting the account via the "Manage Accounts" in the email setup. Below is the convoluted way of doing it and MS might think its correct because according to them, a mail account of type Exchange Server is meant for ActiveSync only..
  1. Go to Active Sync settings on your phone.
  2. Click on Menu > Options.
  3. You will See "Exchange Server" account alongwith the "Windows PC" account listed with the folders which are being synced.
  4. Just navigate to the "Exchange Server" account and again click Menu > Delete.
  5. It will ask you for conformation that it will delete all the sync data. Click YES and there you have it. The non working Exchange Server Account is gone from your list of valid accounts.
I am also trying to setup my corporate Exchange Server on my Blackjack II. Will post once successful. Some of the corporate accounts don't expose the IMAP service on exchange and may be a little tricky...

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