Friday, April 17, 2009

Google Webmaster Site verification for ASP, ASPX, XHTML websites (MS Office Live Websites)

I had tough time verifying my Microsoft OfficeLive Websites on Google Webmaster Tools because standards say that the main page should be an HTML. Well guess what MS uses ASP and ASPX and other providers user XHTML etc. Below is the trick to allow Google Webmaster Site verification for atleast MS OfficeLive Websites.
  1. Sign Up for Google Webmaster tools.
  2. Add your site and choose the meta validation method.
  3. Copy the Google meta verification code into notepad or any text editor. meta name="verify-v1" content="YOUR CODE"
  4. Copy the code below into into the same notepad or text editor. %22%20%2F%3E%3Cmeta name=%22verify-v1%22 content=%22YOUR CODE
  5. Simply replace the ID in the code with your id from the code from Google. If your ID contains "+", replace the + with %2B. %22%20%2F%3E%3Cmeta name=%22verify-v1%22 content=%22rCLLGGTVdEiGe+DXLHKLCD670B8f99LfK/Ax6s=
  6. Copy the finished code, and to your home page (default.aspx), open page properties, and paste the code into the keywords text box after any keywords! Make sure the whole code is pasted, since the keyword box has a character limit and if you have to many keywords and some or all of the code might not get pasted in, shouldn't have to worry, if you do, you might want to go over the list of keywords since you really shouldn't have that many.
  7. Go back to Google Webmaster tools and verify.

If it doesn't work, view your page, make sure there is no code showing at the top. Also right click on the page, view source, and look at the meta tags (near the top).

meta name="verify-v1" content="rCLLGGTVdEiGe+DXLHKLCD670B8f 99LfK/Ax6s="

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